Would you like to build in Spain? It may be as an investment, as a second home (possible also to rent out to family/acquaintances) or to hibernate. A combination of these three possibilities is obvious.

For people interested, now is the best time to buy, build or renovate a house in Spain. All sellers are dropping  their prices because of the crisis. All contractors are eager to work and all metropolitan councils and authorities are granting licences without many problems because they too want to earn money.

The Spanish weather and culture are very attractive. The countries are not that far apart. You can live in Northern Europe and have a second home in Spain. It is very possible, we know from personal experience. You can work until 16: 00 and be at 17: 00 at the airport for a flight that departs at 19: 00. You are then just in time for dinner at 21: 00 (local time).

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Likely we may agree on making a trip to the region of your preferrence after a detailed discussion of your needs. This way we can introduce you to our local architect(s). With the experience you gain this way and the information we provide you with, you can make the right decisions.

In case you already have a home or parcel in Spain, we are happy to investigate the possibilities with you to build, expand or renovate.