We are an international and multidisciplinary team that likes to collaborate and take up new challenges.

Our team is a reflection of the concept from which the office in the Netherlands developed. A harmonious combination of North and South. We work in Europe and our team is located in different regions. Each co-ordinator in his/her region knows the culture of his/her area and has his/her own responsibility. He/she leads a team of local workers. Together, the region co-ordinators form the heart of North South architecture.

Working on a local and international scale gives our team a wide and flexible dimension. With a global view we cooperate locally with the zone co-ordinator. Our knowledge and experience in various countries across Europe gives confidence and is an enrichment for the client. We can provide many various designs with success using our network that has arisen between the various countries. For example a house in Spain for a customer living in England or a house built in the Netherlands designed as a Spanish house with a patio.

The variety of our team also brings a broad specialization of assignments. We work with customers from the business community, from the public sector and private clients.