Architecture is a great art. Building is a magical process. In an enthusiastic and professional manner we take you by the artistic path of architecture. For us, architecture means designing by following your ideas , desires, needs and taste.

Architecture, our work, is in all details. We like to design a home, a housing complex, a school, an office or a spa hotel. Every assignment is an opportunity to create or restore a comfortable place. All projects are welcome. From a small job to a large project. From public to private assignments. In Northern or Southern Europe. Every job is a new challenge.
Our goal is to combine your architectural ideas with our knowledge and experience and with respect (for human kind, culture, tradition, environment and surroundings). Our goal is reached only if you are completely satisfied with the whole process and of course the end result.

With pleasure we advise you about distribution of spaces, effect of light, correct harmonic proportions, relationship with the environment, qualities of each material, hygiene standards such as proper ventilation, colors and their meaning, shapes, structure, local rules, architectural details, contractors, warmth of the sun (summer and winter influences), energy-saving measures, technical aspects, prices, economic and legal affairs, old philosophies such as Feng Shui, about new concepts such as sustainable living, etc. All this to create a familiar and comfortable place where one can live/work/study/exercise/recuperate/and so forth in a harmonic way with the surroundings.