04-stap-voor-stap1st step: discussing what your needs are to explore the opportunities there are.

For example, which region do you prefer? Are you looking for a village house, a farmhouse or a parcel (new construction)? How many square meters? Do you wish to build sustainable? Which conveniences do you want to have nearby (such as an airport, hospitals, large city, etc.)? And much more ….

2nd step: a visit to Spain to see the possibilities on the spot.

3rd step: making an estimate. Contact the metropolitan council and authorities to collect all information necessary and verify that the purchase is possible.

4th step: basic design. This is submitted to the Col. d’Arquitectos legio (that is compulsory in Spain) and the building permit is applied for at the metropolitan council.

5th step: final design is created.

6th step: three contractors are invited to make an offer free of engagement and a selection will be made.

7th step: the construction can begin. There is often a consultation about how things are progressing. The client can present or follow the consultation via webcam.

8th step: Administrative completion. The home will be registered. All facilities are applied for (water, electricity, telephone, etc.).